Introducing Bolt . . .



It has been over 18 years since we’ve had a kitten in our lives. It’s also been that long since we adopted an animal solely as a household pet, and not a “working” pet as part of Teaching Creatures. For almost a year, our son has been asking for a kitten, having only experienced older cats, and wanting something youthful and exuberant to play with. Our sweet cat Small turned 18 in August, and prefers to spend his days quietly lounging on the furniture, nibbling a few morsels, and getting snuggles, NOT playing.

I am a firm believer in serendipity, and many of my animals have come to me in fateful ways. Bolt is no exception. Our first opportunity to adopt Bolt came back in early September, shortly after our cousin found him under her deck in Brooklyn, NY. The pictures she posted on Facebook were adorable: He was a perfect mix of two of our beloved cats, Slyder (8/17/1992 – 3/29/2010) and Small. It seemed meant to be, but in the end we decided we weren’t ready for a new kitten yet, and Bolt was adopted by another family.

Small (l) and Slyder (rt.)

Small (L) and Slyder (R)

Slyder and Small shared a special bond.

Slyder and Small shared a special bond.

Fast forward three months. Once again, our cousin posts pictures of Bolt on Facebook, explaining that the family that adopted him discovered an allergy and need to give him up.  Kismet!  This time, there is no doubt in my mind that Bolt is meant to be ours.  And so our Christmas this year has been blessed with a wish come true in the form of a little black and white ball of energy and fun. Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Bolt and Small. Happy Holidays to all!

Bolt and Small. New bonds to be made!

Bolt and Small. New bonds to be made!




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